All About Baseball Trading Pins

What is a baseball trading pin? When should we order them? How many do we need? Where did you buy your pin book?

If you aren't familiar with baseball trading pins, I bet you have no idea where to start. Yup, I was just like you. No worries. I will address questions that many people have on baseball trading pins today.

So, what is a baseball trading pin? What are they for?
I had never seen a baseball trading pin until a month before we went to the famous Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament. The baseball trading pins I received were about 2" x 2" with the team logo, name, year, famous landmarks of our city, and "Cooperstown" written on it. It is a thick, shiny, and beautiful pin. I still remember how surprised I was by the size. All the other pins from different teams were also around 1.75" x 1.75" to 2" x 2", depending on their designs.

baseball trading pins with measurement
baseball trading pin example picture with measurment

(Same organization but 2 different teams)

My husband ordered like 50 pins, and I was puzzled; why do we need so many? I learned that it was a Cooperstown Tournament tradition to trade pins among the players during the downtime and after each game. I noticed that other major tournaments were encouraging teams to bring trading pins to exchange, too. You should find out if you need trading pins for your upcoming tournament. If so, find out how many games your kids are playing, and make sure to bring enough. Or, don't forget to bring them!!!

Where should we order them? How long does it take to produce them?
Just type in "baseball trading pins" in online search engines. So many places will pop up, and it can be overwhelming. You can compare the services and designs those places offer; Some places will do the artwork for free. Some places offer free shipping. I took estimates from a few places before I ordered. The cost of pins isn't the only thing you should focus on when you get an estimate. Minimum order quantity, lead time, shipping time, shipping cost, design/art fee, and so on should be included in the decision making process.

One time, I ordered pins a month beforAll about pins
e our tournament. They came in time, but I was worried. I think 3 to 6 months before the tournament should give you and the manufacturer enough time. However, it's probably a good idea to check with the manufacturer, especially if your design is complicated, such as if your pin has spinners and lights, pins made up of two pieces, etc.

different kinds of baseball trading pins

(The scorpion and the globe by Mickey spin)

You will be amazed by the designs of other teams' pins once you get to the tournament. My younger son, who wasn't playing in the tournament, was working hard to exchange and collect pins. He set up his shop at a table between the field every day. A pin book helped him store and carry those pins. If you go to the famous Cooperstown Tournament, you can buy their pin book at their gift shop. You can also buy something similar online.

baseball trading pins and pin book to store them
(Pin book from Cooperstown Dreams Park and more pins)

I hope this information will help you when you order baseball trading pins. If you want more helpful information like this, please sign up for our newsletter. As a thank you, you will receive 10% off on your next purchase. If you have any questions, please email to We are happy to hear from you. Baseball Mom's Creative Studio is here to help baseball and softball moms.


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